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EuPilot becomes part of the ETP4HPC Handbook

Date: 12 May 2022

EuPilot project is now part of the ETP4HPC Handbook. This tool allows users to find many features of European HPC projects. Despite this guide had been created some years ago, the functionalities were more limitated. Now the European Technology for Hight Perfomance Computing (ETP4HPC) have improved the possibilities to explore projects and their information.

You can also take a look at this video to learn more about the possibilities the ETP4HPC Handbook offers. Also, you can read the EuPilot description as a part of the ETP4HPC Handbook.

Check all the information about the ETP4HPC handbook.


The European Technology Platform (ETP) for High-Performance Computing (HPC) – is a private, industry-led and non-profit association. Our main mission is to promote European HPC research and innovation in order to maximise the economic and societal benefit of HPC for European science, industry and citizens. Our main task is to propose research priorities and programme contents in the area of HPC technology and usage, by issuing a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). This SRA is used by the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking (JU) to define the contents of the HPC Technology Work Programmes.