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EuroHPC Summit 2024: Uniting Stakeholders in European Supercomputing

Date: 28 March 2024
EuroHPC Summit 2024 opening session

The EuroHPC Summit 2024 aimed to unite key stakeholders in European supercomputing, including both public and private sectors, alongside decision-makers. This gathering provides a platform for sharing cutting-edge technological advancements, fostering collaboration, articulating present and future requirements, and collectively influencing the trajectory of European supercomputing. This years’ Summit attracted over 700 participants, with more than 650 in-person attendees from 45 different countries.

Innovating European HPC Landscape at EuroHPC Summit 2024

The EUPILOT was presented at the Parallel session “Co-Designing the Future of European HPC: Eco-friendly Technologies, Systems and Software” where Carlos Puchol (EUPILOT, Barcelona Supercomputing Center) shared the objectives of eProcessor, EUPEX, and EUPILOT.

To highlight:

  • eProcessor: an open-source RISC-V OoO CPU with a full-stack European ecosystem, extendable & energy efficient architecture
  • EUPEX: academic and commercial project to co-design a European modular exascale-ready pilot system. Leverage contributions from EPI project (processors)
  • EUPILOT: open-source and open standards pre-exascale system based on accelerators for HPC and AI/ML with European components. Leverage contributions from EPI project (accelerators)

The session conveyed the objectives of European Processor Ecosystem to develop European know-how on the design and development of processors, as well as to foster Europe’s technological sovereignty.

Additionally, EUPILOT participated in the Project Poster session where during one hour attendees of the EuroHPC Summit had the opportunity to converse in person with EUPILOT’s Carlos Puchol about the project.

Strategic Goals and Ambitions: European Chip Initiatives

The plenary session on European Chip Initiatives for HPC held a great importance in presenting strategic EU-level perspective on Chips for HPC and main EU goal of autonomy in strategic processing technologies, which included EUPILOT as well as a part of ongoing EuroHPC activities.

The ambition by 2030 includes:

• The production of cutting-edge and sustainable semiconductors in Europe including processors is at least 20% of world production in value

• Manufacturing capacities below 5nm nodes aiming at 2nm

• Energy efficiency 10X more than today

Unveiling EuroHPC Excellence: HPC Ambassadors and the EuroHPC Demo Lab

The Summit program boasted a diverse lineup, including plenary sessions for top-tier discussions and parallel sessions delving into technical topics. Emphasizing the enduring importance of education within the EuroHPC Joint, the EUMaster4HPC students, from the initial two cohorts, contributed to the event as HPC Ambassadors. They participated in EuroHPC Demo Lab, assisted with logistics, and actively engaged with the community, offering their insights as the next wave of HPC leaders.

HPC Ambassadors

The EuroHPC Demo Lab served as an interactive hub for live demonstrations led by the HPC Ambassadors. The demos highlighted the impressive capabilities of EuroHPC supercomputers which facilitated the exchange of knowledge, bridging the divide between newcomers and seasoned experts in the field.

“We were truly elated to have had the opportunity to participate in the EuroHPC Summit, showcasing, among others, the EUPILOT project in such an active and exciting conference.”

Carlos Puchol, Eupilot, Barcelona supercomputing center

Undoubtedly, EUPILOT’s involvement in the EuroHPC Summit 2024 proved highly successful, offering a valuable opportunity for community building and networking, as well as insight into the latest development in HPC ecosystem.