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The 9th EasyBuild User Meeting and EUPILOT

Date: 30 April 2024

The 9th EasyBuild User Meeting took place from Tuesday to Thursday, 23-25 April 2024, at Umeå University in Umeå, Sweden, where Miquel Pericas (Chalmers University of Technology) delivered a keynote “EUPILOT: towards an All-European RISC-V-based HPC demonstrator”.

EasyBuild is designed to streamline software management on HPC systems. This meeting served as a dynamic platform for enthusiasts to connect, share ideas, and discuss advancements in the tool. The event included presentations from users and developers and discussions on relevant open-source projects.

During the keynote, it was communicated that the European Union has embarked on a mission to develop a sovereign supercomputing industry with a focus on open source and the RISC-V ISA. Several EuroHPC projects, including EPI, EUPILOT, and eProcessor, are currently developing a complete software and hardware stack based on RISC-V. The talk explained why there is significant interest in RISC-V. The main focus was on the EUPILOT project, which aims to deliver the first All-European open-source and open-standard based software and hardware integrated HPC system. Additionally, the keynote reviewed several Software Development Vehicles (SDVs) currently available for RISC-V development, both within and outside of EUPILOT.

Access the presentation here, or watch the full talk below!