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EuPilot, part of the European RISC-V HPC RoadMap presented at HiPEAC 23

Date: 18 January 2023

Between January 16 and 18, EuPilot project was presented as a key booster of the under-developing task using RISC-V during the HiPEAC 2023 Conference that took place in Toulouse, France. From EUPilot, Carlos Puchol, John Davis, Filippo Mantovani participated with the conference European RISC-V HPC Roadmap Workshop.

European ROSC-V HPC Roadmap Workshop presentation

During the presentation, John D. Davis analyzed the “RISC-V Hardware and Software activities” and mentioned all the companies related with Superscalar Out-of-Order Vector-capable Application. The future of the HPC RISC-V project was also part of the conference. The researcher detailed the next project and all the steps to achieve before, consolidating EuPilot as a part of f the European RISC-V HPC RoadMap.

About HiPEAC events

HiPEAC organizes four networking events per year: the HiPEAC Conference, two Computing Systems Weeks and a Summer School. The aim is to achieve collaboration and networking between member institutions and across the different disciplines: computer architects, design tool builders, compiler builders, system designers, between researchers from academia and industry, between European and non-European institutions.