“Contributing to a sustainable exascale HPC supply ecosystem in Europe and ensuring European technological autonomy in this field”

Software/hardware co-design for improved application performance and system energy efficiency

The European PILOT will deliver the first All-European open source and open standard based software and hardware integrated HPC system by creating an autonomous set of accelerators designed, implemented, manufactured, and deployed in Europe.
The accelerators will be manufactured in the new European Global Foundries 12 nm advanced silicon technology, a major demonstration of European technology independence.


  • Extend open source to include opensource hardware for HPC.

  • Software/hardware co-design forimproved application performance andsystem energy efficiency.

  • HPC and HPDA applications.

  • System software.

  • System integration innovations.

  • Stimulate European collaboration.

  • Combine industry standard methodology and cutting-edge research to accelerate exploitation.

Latest News


EuPilot at RISC-V Summit 2022

EuPilot at RISC-V Summit 2022

Our project collaborator, John Davis from BSC, presented the talk titled “Is RISC-V HPC? RISC-V is HPC!“ during the RISC-V Summit 2022.

PPoPP 2023

PPoPP 2023

Our researchers Marc Casas, Alexandre Santana and Adrià Armejach will be presenting a paper about...

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